From the very beginning, sustainable, ethical practices and partnerships have defined our story. We’ve worked hard to make sure our processes mirror our values by minimizing the impact of our business on the people and places we love. Let’s tread gently together!


We are committed to being kinder to the planet and kinder to one another. While the print and manufacturing process isn’t perfect, we’re sincere in our mission to seek out the ethical and environmentally sound path wherever possible. It’s not always the easiest route, but it’s the only one we can live with. As a fair-wage employer we source all of our materials from fair-trade, NAFTA friendly suppliers within North America. Some of our other practices include:

Sourcing only local materials.
Offering employees a fair wage, flexible hours and a stellar place to work.
Refusing garments or components produced through sweatshop labour.
Offering organic, fair wage, fair trade garments for our clients to choose from.


Without exception, our garments are printed Direct-to-Garment (DTG) with water-based, 100% non-toxic ink. We’ve also eliminated the use of solvents and caustic chemicals in our facility. Strictly speaking, we’ve cut the crap! This means our products are safe, they’re sustainable, and you can feel good about looking good. Our garment inks are proudly recognized as an Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex® and Global Organic Textile Standard Certified. Our Sticker inks are Greenguard Gold Certified.


When it comes to waste, less is best but zero’s even better. Through our commitment to ‘Just-in-Time’ manufacturing, we’ve consistently reduced our waste to almost nothing, while our short-run printing process means we only ever purchase what we need, when we need it. Your order may arrive in slightly weird packaging, but that’s because we haven’t bought a new box. Ever! All of our shipping materials are either re-used or made from 100% recycled products. Heck, even our invoices are printed on paper made from sugarcane fibres!

We’re realists. When it comes to manufacturing things can get wasteful. As employers, artists, technicians, and people who love the planet we want to make the smallest impact possible! Here are some of the things we’ve done to reduce our footprint:

We discontinued the outdated and highly toxic process of silk screen printing our garments. Instead, we switched to a virtually waste-free, water-based, non-toxic Direct-to-Garment system.

We avoid laminating our vinyl labels and stickers. This reduces the amount of material used by almost 50%!

We print on FSC approved paper or paper made from waste sugarcane fibre. 

We use unbleached Kraft Paper for packaging as well as wrapping product in kraft paper rather than plastic bags

We ditched packing tape and now use a biodegradable kraft paper tape with a vegetable based adhesive

Our standard shipping is via Canada Post and is a Carbon Neutral Delivery Service

We have structured our pricing to favour Short Run Printing. Smaller, affordable print runs, mean clients never feel pressured to order more than they need.

Our eco-friendly stickers use Greenguard Gold Certified inks which are cured with Ultra-Violet light. This certification means that each sticker meets rigorous chemical emissions standards and helps reduce indoor air pollution, making it perfect for food-safe and people-safe applications.

We source materials and garments from a variety of suppliers, focusing on items source from fair-wage facilities and natural fibres. Our largest garment supplier is fully committed to Sustainability as a Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) supplier.

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