In 1995 it was really hard to find great stickers. We decided to make our own. Starting out with a handful of local retailers, we’d found our sweet spot. An order from a record store chain (remember those?) with 120 locations across Canada changed everything. You could say things got real, really fast! For 25 years we have wholesaled our sizable product line to more than 400 retail stores across North America. When store owners, friends, and friends of friends started asking us to make custom things for their business, Swag Print Factory was born! Stickers snowballed into t-shirts, which led to magnets, posters, hang tags, greeting cards, buttons, and more.
If you can picture it, we’ve likely done it

With more than 25 years experience in printing and manufacturing, we’re really good at making all the things. Whether you wear it, pin it, carry it or stick it, your things matter to us.

Since 1995 we’ve brought over five-million different things
to life for all kinds of lovely people.


Beautiful Design. Executed well. Over the years Swag Print Factory has established itself as a hub for creatives, entrepreneurs, businesses, artists and regular folk with big, juicy ideas. A one-stop shop for people to make memorable, meaningful stuff. From promotional gear, to postcards and everything in between, we sound big-time. We’re not. We’re a small but fierce team of designers, printers and manufacturers. When you reach out to us, you’ll actually reach out to us. Really nice people who know their stuff.

The Mysterious Finn with there back to viewer making a peace sign

We’ve come a long way from the mid-nineties, you could say we’ve grown up. Some things will never change. As designers and makers, we know everything has potential for beauty.
It’s our job to draw it out.


We really love our work. The inky, messy, technical, creative work that allows us to get our hands dirty. Custom printing represents something different to every client. A new chapter, a dream come true, a goal realised. We’re lucky enough to tag along for the ride. We promise to champion your things as though they were our own. We print and make almost everything right here in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. Trusted local suppliers, state-of-the-art equipment and Just-In-Time manufacturing enable us to stay nimble, keep waste near zero and deliver a quality product, every time.